产物称号:ethylene oxide sterilization indicator ink
产物种别:Sterilization indicator ink

The ink also known as ethylene oxide sterilization indicator ink (ETO Gas Sterilization Indicator Ink), used for rapid detection of sterilization and disinfection process and effect

I. application methods:

The utility model can be used for printing an indicator card, an adhesive tape, a sterilizing bag or an outer package for disposable sterilizing articles.

A. instruction card: it is recommended to use screen printing. The card can use whiteboard card or coin card, can not use plastic coated paper, printed card products and pay attention to moisture, heat, plastic packaging products as soon as possible, the card is valid for two years.

B. sterilizing bag or outer packing: it is recommended to use flexography or gravure printing, and then paper and plastic seal.

C. disinfection bag or outer packing: using flexographic printing medical dialysis paper, and paper plastic sealing, flexo printing, ink roller with NBR rollers or polyurethane rollers.

Two, after printing finished product use method:

A. places the discoloration point at the most difficult part of EO. When the sterilization condition is reached, the color changes from pink to blue.

B. after sterilization, compare the standard blue on the card. If it reaches or is deeper than the standard blue, it means "sterilization condition". If the indicator is lighter than the standard blue, it indicates that it has not reached the "sterilization condition"".

C. does not meet the "sterilization conditions" of the packaging can not be used, should be re sterilized.

D. This product is a chemical indicator, indicating only "sterilization conditions", and need to be regularly labeled with biological indicators or bacterial culture.

Three, "sterilization conditions."":

This product is the origin of the United States, comprehensive indicator conditions: ethylene oxide gas, water vapor and temperature with increasing amounts of each, can shorten the development time of color signal in 600ml/L, ethylene oxide, 52 degrees Celsius temperature, and relative humidity under the condition of 60-85%, most of the ink mark can be configured correctly. In less than 4 hours, and less than two hours to get a full color signal.

Four, printing conditions:

1. Screen printing ink:

Mesh silk: 220-280 mesh

Thinner: Analysis of pure alcohol

Maximum dilution ratio: 50%

2. flexo printing ink:

Ink roller: used NBR or polyurethane rollers

Thinner: Analysis of pure alcohol

Printing speed: 60-122m/min

Maximum dilution ratio: 50%

Plate making: 350-380 wire

Cover area: 25 square metre / kilogram

Drying temperature: 43-52 DEG C

Substrate: Kraft / Vic

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